Women And Technology: Women In Technology In Albania

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Women in Technology In Albania girls are expected to get dolls with a lot of dresses, kitchen toys as presents, whereas boys get balls, cars, toy guns or PlayStation. Girls are taught to be more oriented to family, house chores or cooking. The patriarchal society in Albania implies this since when they are born. People celebrate when the newborn baby is a boy. The girls are regarded as the sweet little things that stay home to protect the family’s harmony. As time passes, things change, but there still exists a stereotype that males are more capable of studying science then females. As far as I know there is no scientifically proof that proves this. As long as it is not proven, there is no reason to judge females that want to devote their life to science and technology. I am a student in AUBG and I am planning to have a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. The first thing my parents told me was: “Mathematics? Computer? Why don’t you like Business or Economics or Medicine like all of your friends ? Don’t you think what you like are boyish majors?”. The first judgment came from my family, my parents who raised me. Then, the relatives wanted me to be a teacher of course. Most of the females are teachers in my country. It was so hard for me to convince them that in fact it

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