Women Awareness Essay

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Importance of the Awareness of Women Issues Awareness is a vital part of our survival and it still has an impact on developing our belief. Awareness has been pointed out as a key indicator of success. Without awareness, we miss the things happening in our life, we miss the chance to act and to help. Being aware will also give you the necessary knowledge and to have knowledge or information about your environment and about the events happening around you, is to be able to know what you should do or what you need to do and what you should not do. Basically, being aware will give you the chance to be prepared for the issues such as women issues that can affect your wellbeing. It will give you the information for next action thinking whereby you…show more content…
One answered, “Because you are a woman and you should know what is happening with people you are of the same kind.” Another said, “Because it is everywhere.” It is undeniably true and no such words of us can argue nor dispute with the said statements. Christie Taylor spoke, “Discover your power. I want a girl inspired in some way, such as by conveying the feeling of discovering new abilities she may not have thought she had.” Emphasizing on the statement “discover your power”, most women are restricted as well as controlled on trying new things because of the situation and position the society puts them in. Educating women of how the world behaves gives each of them the condition of believing they can do something, of having a reason to do it. [In addition, what was mentioned gives rise to the women’s career choices. What they choose to be in their future is directly proportional to their economic security. Being able to consider areas which are in nature works of men are such as trades, science and technology enables women to be aware of such power and importance of their choices of the path of their future and can at the least secure their economic standing. This action then lessens the tendency of being a victim.] *note: you can omit the section enclosed in a
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