Women Behind Sexual Bibery In The Great Gatsby

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Women behind Sexual Bribery In The Great Gatsby, As the Tom’s mistress, Myrtle is a tragic character. Her life ends by a car accident what Daisy makes. Beyond all question, Myrtle is pitiful. She not only is regarded as a toy by Tom and lose her body, but also is criticized by moral and law. But the question goes why Myrtle is willing to become the Tom’s mistress. This novel provides some reasons. Myrtle is in a low position in the society. At the same time, she extremely wants to change her destiny to live a better life. In a result, she must depend on Tom to gain social sources then become his mistress. In fact, there exists to be many women like Myrtle in contemporary China. They are women behind sexual bribery. Like Myrtle, these women behind sexual bribery are also constantly criticized by public. People scold it as a kind of annoying action and think these women have terrible influence on the society. However when people spend much time condemning these women, I think it is more worthwhile now to consider why some women are willing to participate into sexual bribery even if in modern China. This report will analyze these reasons in terms of three aspects: the influence of unhealthy trends in society; inequality of gender power and position and the negative impact of mass media. As we all know, the sexual bribery can bring the great harm to the development of society. Therefore, for above reasons, the dissertation will give some suggestions to solve the Gordian knot.

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