Delayed Marriages Essay

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Year after year, women chose to get married later in life, and recently delayed marriages have become a trend worldwide. In addition the rate of cohabitation, which means, to live in an intimate relationship without a marriage ceremony, has also increased. Part of the recent delay in marriage is not a delay in the union formation, but an increasing percentage of unions that do not begin with a marriage ceremony; therefore, cohabitation and marriage are quite similar (Martin, 2002). However opposite to delayed marriages many women still do get married at an early age. I think that women should not get married at an early age because this will enable them to focus more on their career, gain more life experiences, and furthermore, delayed marriages…show more content…
However, before I undertake a discussion of delayed marriages and divorce rate, I must acknowledge that the reasons or the factors that I have mentioned above also decrease divorce rates. According to Diversity in Families (2013), men and women who first get married under the age of twenty, are two to three times more likely to get a divorce than their counterparts who first get married at their twenty’s. Also, delayed marriages will most likely be the result of women getting to know their partner well enough before marriage, and this is will significantly lower the rates of marital dissolution in the future. Further evidence also show that at a certain year, women who got married at twenty or under, had a 0.484 chance of getting a divorce, when women who got married between twenty-five and twenty-tine had a 0.237 chance which is less than a half (Lampard, 2013).. As I mentioned above that delayed marriages will enable women to gain more life experiences, having life experiences before marriage will also lower the chance of getting a divorce. For example handle issues during a marriage, willingness to cooperate in household chores, and solving problems without resorting to divorce as their first solution. Researchers also concluded that age at marriage is not always the reason behind divorce, it is mostly immaturity, and the immaturity that causes divorce in teen marriages is the same immaturity that lead to teenage marriages in the first place (Asthana & Campbell,
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