Women Discrimination Against Women

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Discrimination against women has been happening everywhere for a plethora of years, and there has been progress on making it better, but it is still a big issue. Women in American and especially in other countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq are struggling with female discrimination in many more ways than one would think and it is a serious matter. There are some issues like when a man says to a woman “did I ask you to speak?” and “be quiet, men are speaking” that men say to women just as a simple joke, but women really do take it seriously. There are other small problems, like how women are the ones who pay for more common household items than men do, women aren’t as involved in the government as men are, and how young women do not get treated…show more content…
Women who have earned a high school diploma have been said to lose about $700,000 throughout their life of work, and women that have earned a degree in college may result in a loss up to as much as $1.2 million dollars ( This is definitely a big loss for women and their families living with them throughout their life, but this unequal pay still carries on once they have decided to retire ( Once a woman retires, they still receive unequal social security welfare compared to what a man gets, and lots of other financial assets. The unequal pay is even worse for a woman with children, especially if a woman were a stay-at-home mom and then decide to work again ( Studies show that businesses are less likely to hire women with children, and if women with children do get hired, they suffer an even lower pay than women in general, whereas fathers with children do not receive this punishment ( Unequal pay for women is a much bigger problem than people make it out to be, which is very unfair because women deserve the same pay as men. It has been said that some experts think women will not get equal pay as men until the year 2152…show more content…
To American women, having basic rights, like dressing how you want, and interacting with the male population is normal, and something that would be very weird not to have. To women in Saudi Arabia, they could never imagine having those kinds of rights. Saudi Arabia is known as one of the worst places to live for women, and there are many reasons for that statement. In America, women can pretty much wear whatever they want in public, but it is definitely not like that in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, a woman was arrested after someone recorded a video of her in public wearing a mini skirt and a crop top. That is just one of the many things that prove how different and strict they are towards women in Saudi Arabia compared to women in America. According to an article on, “women in Saudi Arabia need permission from a male guardian to travel, work, marry, access healthcare and even leave prison” ( In order for a woman in Saudi Arabia to travel or get married, she has to have to signature of a male guardian, otherwise it is illegal. Women there used to get arrested for driving, but that rule has recently been changed and they are now allowed to drive. Women in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from communicating with anyone of the opposite gender that is outside of their immediate family
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