Should Women Drive In Saudi Arabia Essay

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In 2013 Saudi Arabia was ranked number 127 out of 136 by the World Economic Forum in the Global Gender Gap Report (2013). This shows that women in Saudi Arabia don’t have rights like in other countries. Every woman cannot leave the house without being with a male guardian or muhram in Islam. Women are 70% of the students in university yet very few women are in normal jobs, other than homeschool teachers and professors for female-only universities (Islam Daily, 2006). It is also the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive. Woman should be allowed to drive because that way woman will not need to see male taxi drivers (less sexual harassment), will save money, and will have more opportunities to study and work.
Saudi Arabia is in the Middle East and considers itself to be the center of Islam. They follow the strictest major school in Islam which is the Hanbali School. So all of their life is based on Islam. The law system comes from Islamic law which is called Sharia. They get this law from the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. From this law, Saudi people decide punishments given to people. They also decide what is considered right and wrong. This law system focuses on how men and women interact.
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In Saudi law a woman cannot go out without her muhram. Her muhram can only be her husband, father, brother, or son. A private driver or taxi driver do not count. Woman will have to be around the male gender which is not right according to Islamic law. Other than for Islamic law, it is very unsafe for woman to be around these men alone in a car. It was said that they treat these drivers as “invisibles” but this does not change things. If a woman is in the back seat of a car, the driver can take her anywhere without her consent and lock the doors on her. These male drivers are actually a reason for complaints about sexual

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