Women During The American Revolution

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1. Benjamin Rush trusted and advocated that American women demanded a superior access to education and training in the eighteenth century. In general, the Revolution was over and it entirely altered in the society such as cultural, social, economic, and political of America. The American Revolution created a new form of government, and modified the whole rights and privileges of women, improved their status and changed their life. Because of new and promising social situation and circumstances, education for women became a significant and noticeable issue as well. In the contemporary independence, liberty, and equality of the new American republic, it was necessitated that women learned new skill and knowledge, also had suitable education to enable them to promote economic growth and reduce inequality. Moreover, in the book “Give me liberty”, Eric Foner wrote that “Even though republican motherhood ruled out direct female involvement in politics, it encouraged the expansion of educational opportunities for women, so that…show more content…
Benjamin Rush anticipates some benefits for society and the family from extending education opportunities to women. In the eighteenth century, he emphasized that it was very important to educate and train women because it would expand the property and liberty of American society. Well-read women would influence the morals and manners of the country. As Rush supposed, it was essential that knowledgeable and skilled young women would prevent the American society to collapse as the British society. The effective and appropriate education would enhance English language skills for women, so they could teach their children and use it to converse with everyone. In addition, particular education is necessary for women to be qualified to a certain degree. Educated women would become “the stewards, and guardians of their husbands’ property” (117). Therefore, women would be able to engage in civic participation in the early American republic as
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