Women During The Holocaust

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Ever wondered if Jewish and non Jewish women were targeted more than men during the Holocaust due to their gender? Six million Jewish and five million non Jewish men and women died during World War 2; four million of those eleven million being women. They played a huge role in the equality of gender during this era. This was a huge stepping stone to the advancement of the end of feminism, although there is still a slight separation of gender today. Women were treated so differently than men and sadly, in some peopleś eyes, still are. Both Jewish men and women had unimaginable experiments performed on them by doctors. These experiments never had been done before and were obviously life threatening. Some were just done for cruel pleasure (Ringelheim). Not only did Jewish women have experimental procedures done, but they would also be sterilized. The German Nazis did not believe that children born to a Jewish family could be “germanized”; which means you get swiped from all Jewish beliefs, you were…show more content…
Men would oftenly would be assigned to working jobs throughout the camp. These jobs would keep them alive longer; at least for a little while. However, it was harder to find jobs around the camp for women (Ofer). The jobs available for women was: cook, steam stress and maids for soldiers. If there was not any jobs open for both men and women they would most likely be killed as soon as they arrived at the camps (Ofer). Women would also be separated from the men. They would either be at a different part of the camp or a whole different camp. Women were treated so differently than men and sadly, in some persons eyes, still are. They played a large role during the Holocaust in both positive and negative ways. Millions of women were persecuted and murdered during the Holocaust. However, it was Nazi racist hierarchy, religion, and political affiliations that made them targets, not their
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