A Film Analysis Of Domestic Violence

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The movie sets off with a scene that will linger in the heart of the spectators all over the lives, of the hardship of a woman and anxiety of her husband before the very moment of giving birth. Unfortunately when the husband is told that it is girl, his face is blackened with black clouds of disgust and contempt. Later the father of the female child drops her in a big canister filled with milk and drowns her until the death. This is the most dreadful scenes in the film which depicts the edict of the females who are born in the rural part of India.
Many years later somewhere around 2050 A.D., this unchecked trend leads to the village being populated solely by males. The now uncouth and aggressive young men of the village are desperate for wives
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She makes an escape attempt with a sympathetic domestic servant when the life in that house becomes awry and awesome. Regrettably the father and sons follow them and shoots that son who belongs to the lower caste. She is chained to a post in the cow shed and becomes a pawn of revenge in an intercommunity conflict as the lower cast society vows to take revenge from that higher class family and the lady. Consistently she renders to be gang raped not only from the family itself but also from the lower cast men who come in the night to the cow shed. She does not get the enough food for survival. The newly appointed servant feels empathy to her this drastic condition and gives her enough food and drinks which make her to the survival. The film ends on a violent but hopeful note, as she gives birth to a girl in that house, when all the village engrossed in fighting each other for the revenge of the servant who killed by that family. The family members of upper class society are brutally killed by the village including that father and his four sons. The lady is assisted by the new servant when the father himself attempts to kill the woman…show more content…
This denotes to contextual background of making this film. The story inspired by a magazine report about a village in Gujarat, which had no women, deals with the infanticide of female children.
Mainly the movie deals with the concept of the women in that dystopian society. Naturally, man and woman have specific roles and functions in the society. The man is obliged to work and earn the money to make the life more vibrant and to meet the ends of his family. Socially woman is obliged with the house hold works like cooking, and cleaning the house, moreover she is considered as the queen of the household and society. Both man and woman have the functions moreover responsibilities to spread the generation by reproduction and to sustain the life in this planet.
The dystopian village hardly owes a single woman. The duties of the woman has to do in the society is done and assumed the males themselves like cooking, cleaning and washing. The village’s necessity of woman lies on their need to fulfill their erotic emotions. The movie depicts women as a instrument to fulfill their excessive desire for sexual
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