Gender Issues In Family

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Analysis of Employment of Women Salaries in Family and its Impact on the Status of Family of Kota City

1CMA Dr. MeenuMaheshwari, 2Ms. Priya Sodani.
1Assisstant Professor & Former Head, Department of Commerce & Management,University of Kota, Kota(Raj.) 2Research Scholar, Department of Commerce & Management, University of Kota, Kota(Raj.).

This paper seeks to analyse the relationship between the women’s opinion for the extent of employment of their income in different heads of family and its overall effect on family status of Kota city. This analysis of women participants’ opinion of Kota city for the factors of family which are nourished by their income are Financial Position and Status, Societal Status and Position, Living Standard
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Some of the major conclusions are:Out of 450 women respondents 221 (49.1%) was of 20-35 years age group of women, 48 (10.7%) was observed from below 20 years age group of women, 105 (23.3%) of participated women were of 36-50 years age group and 76 (16.9%) of participated women of 51 years and above age group.Out of 450 women participants 293 (65.1%) of women were married, 111 (24.7%) of women were unmarried, 34 (7.6%) of women were divorcee and 12 (2.7%) of women were widow. 143 (31.8%) women participants were earning in between 10000 – 30000 per month, 124 (27.6%) women were earning in between 30000 – 50000 per month, 121 (26.9%) women participants were earning lesser than and equal to 10000 per month and remaining 62 (13.8%) women were earning more than and equal to 50000 per month. 226 (50.2%) of women participants were living in nuclear family, 183 (40.7%) of women were living in joint families and remaining 41 (9.1%) of women participant of Kota city are living single. 80 (17.8%) women were undergraduate, 114 (25.3%) women were graduate, 123 (27.3%) women were post graduate, 67 (14.9%) women were professionally qualified and remaining 66 (14.7%) women were…show more content…
Positive t score and significance will present the head as major head where salaries are employed with in the family. The proposed constant of the population mean is 1.64 which is an average value of responses observed.

Table 1:Frequency Distribution of women participants’ opinion for application of their salaries in different expenditure heads of family
In Constructing Home Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid No 232 51.6 51.6

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