Women Empowerment Challenges

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Women can attain power in society with the powerful tool such as Education. Education is the platform which helps to reduce inequalities and improve their status in society. But in current scenario because of male dominating society women education has been avoided for a long time. In general women empowerment means the process in which women can achieve
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We need to overcome this challenges and provide real means of empowerment to women.as the society is bias in between men and women, Girl child and Boy child, it is hard to overcome those challenges but not impossible. If proper actions and support is given then the women can be empowered successfully.
1. Poverty :
Poverty is nothing but the lack of enough amount of material possession or money. It is multifaceted concept, which include social, economic, and political elements.70% of the world’s poorest people are women. If we want to overcome on poverty we need to empower the women in nation.

2. Health and safety :
Health of women is more important because if the women of society is healthy and safe then the whole society would be healthy and safe. The safety of women at their home, workplace and public areas are much necessary. As many workplaces like chemical factories women suffer from various personal problems. Exposure to certain substances or combinations of substances can cause changes in a woman 's sex drive, damage to the eggs, changes in the genetic material carried by the eggs, or cancer or other diseases in a woman 's reproductive

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