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“Before defining the women empowerment we have need to know the word “empowerment”.
Empowerment in its broader sense refers to an individual’s or group’s increased “power” whereas power means get in touch with and have power over material, intellectual and ideological resources. The World Bank describes empowerment as “the process of increasing the ability of individuals or groups to make choices and to transfer those choices into most wanted actions and outcomes. (Hussein, 2009) defines empowerment as to give a power to the people and independence. He quoted Empowerment builds independence and strength in women, preparing them towards meeting the ability to establish the choice of life. Microcredit provides empowerment to the women. Microcredit
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Microcredit is a powerful tool to self-empower the poor people particularly women at world level and particularly in developing countries. Microcredit activities can give them a means to climb out of poverty. From early 1970’s women movement in number of countries increasing to improve poverty through micro credit programs. The problem of women less access to credit was given a particular concentration at first. The deficient in credit convenience implies that poor people borrow from money lenders at very high of interest per year, but they are generally doing so not to make long term useful investments but to meet short term consumption needs (Morduch, 1998). Microcredit is the necessities of financial services to low-income clients, including consumers and the self-employed, who traditionally lack access to banking and related services. The main aim of microcredit is to empower women. Women make up a large fraction of microcredit beneficiaries. Traditionally, women (especially those in underdeveloped countries) have been unable to willingly take part in economic activity. Microcredit provides women with the financial support they need to start business ventures and actively participate in the economy. It gives them confidence, improves their position and makes them more active in decision-making, thus encouraging gender equality.…show more content…
Within the South Asian context, women empowerment is a process in which women challenge the existing norms and culture, to effectively improve their well-being. Most microcredit programs target women with the clear goal of empowering them. However, their primary premises are different. Some argue that women are amongst the poorest and the most weak of the underprivileged. Others believe that investing in women’s capabilities empowers them to make choices, which will contribute to greater economic growth and development. Finally, some proponents stress that an increase in women’s resources results in higher well-being of the family, especially children (Empowering women through Microfinance: Evidence from India). The great effort against the lack of credit markets and thus against the high interest rates demanded by the money-lenders is not new. Money-lenders use the power of information about possible borrowers and demand different rates from different people. Usually the poorer one was more one would have pay. Since the fifties, Governments realized that a large number of people did not have any other choice than being occupied by those monopolists. Many developing countries programs were implemented in which governments and subsidized credit delivery to small farmers. Development financial institutions and international donors

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