Women Empowerment In Society

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Women are also the part of our society but they do have less authority. Society cannot be created without women contribution. Generally, there is discrimination among men and women. Women have hindrances in every aspect of work. From centuries, societies are trying to develop without giving their rights to women. For the welfare of society, condition of women should be improved. As both males and females are components of a society and they are depending upon each other. Man wants to dominate woman because male dominated societies having gender discrimination and inequality exist. Men are empowered in this society and here women are considered servant of them. Women do not have their rights. Women empowerment includes women awareness of their…show more content…
Often contributions of women in this economy are ignored, and their work is also underestimated. Gender discrimination reduces the chances for the women to eliminate poverty and also to improve their lives. The Inequality between women and men are found i.e. women have little access to resources which leads to the slow growth in this economy. Women empowerment in the economy increases participation of women in labor force and it reduces poverty in the economy, access of women farmers to the resources increase production and they can also support their families, and as women are the owners of property and earn money from it. Women contribute to their families, societies and also countries financially. As this brings development in the…show more content…
This system consists of a database of all the pregnancies registered at health care facilities since 1 December 2009, and all births since 1 December 2009.
 The Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Conditional Maternity Benefit Plan (CMB)- Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY), Conditional Maternity Benefit (CMB) is scheme sponsored by national government for the pregnant and lactating women age 19 and over for the first two live birth. The programme, which do began in October 2010, and provides money to help to ensure the good health and also nutrition of the recipient. As of March 2013 the programme is being offered in 53 districts around the

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