Women Empowerment Of Women

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Women empowerment is a highly discussed topic in this era. Every second person knows and wants to discuss about women empowerment and wants to keep his own point of view on the topic as the way it is been portrayed. As a women I understand what they are trying to depict about women empowerment and the different ways they are using to portray it. But, is it really how it should be depicted? Women empowerment is empowering women in this present society, giving them an equivalent right and encouraging them to believe that they are equivalent to men. Government making different types of reservation for women, in the name of empowering women which creates a complete separate line for women or the seats which are specially reserved for women in buses, trains or metros is this really what empowerment is all about if it is not then what exactly is women empowerment?. Well for every girl women empowerment would mean something different, something which she needs more. According to me, women empowerment is treating me equal to men. I do agree with the videos which are spiraling viral over the internet as Vogue one of the best women’s magazine has taken up the step to make people understand what is women empowerment through different videos. The video on women empowerment that is “MY CHOICE” has created a huge impact over the people. Everyday several women suffers from something or the other because of their family, work etc. Everyday women suffer through eve teasing and actions
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