Women Entrepreneurship In Assam

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Entrepreneurship refers to the setting up a new business or reviving an existing business. Entrepreneurship leads creations of capital as well as led generation to employment and many other social benefits. Assam is one of the most culturally and geographically distinct parts of the country. 86% of Assam population lives in villages. Agriculture is the mains livelihood and sources of income and employs 69% of the workforce. The unemployment problem is very acute in Assam. According to Economic Survey, Assam- 2011 educated unemployed is gradually increasing. In this paper attempt is made to study causes and impacts of lack of women entrepreneur in Assam as well as suggested for the growth of women entrepreneurship in Assam. Assam has available…show more content…
(2) Lack of Women Entrepreneurship growth led to caused socio-economic and cultural degeneration in the society which further led to (i) Unwillingness to work (ii) Laziness (iii) Superstitions (iv) Fear of risk taking and bearing.
(3) Lack of Women Entrepreneurship growth led corruption, crime against women, lowered the status of women value.

Methodology: The study is both explanatory and descriptive. The data has been collected from secondary sources of books, journals, internet sources etc. Personal observations is also used as methodology of writing this paper.

Causes of few growth of women Entrepreneurship in Assam:

The growth of women entrepreneurship in rural area in Assam is not satisfactory. Women suffers may problems that creates hurdles in their entrepreneurial activities. The causes of low growth of women Entrepreneurship in rural area of Assam can be discuses at three different levels, viz, individual problems, social problems and structural problems.


(a) Individual
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Mekhela, Chadar, Gamussa etc., many things.
Suggestions for promoting women Entrepreneurship in Assam: Defending on above mentioned problems, provisions of number of solutions measures to diagnostic and to promote women entrepreneurship in Assam are given below:
(i) Women should be encouraged, motivated and corporate to undertake business activity.
(ii) Quality and quantity of educations should be enhanced to women in general and make effective for their training, practical experience personality development programmes etc.
(iii) Proper training institute should be established to enhance level of women walk-knowledge, skills risk taking abilities, enhancing their capabilities.
(iv) Narrow social outlook and attitude of Assamese society should be changed by generation of social consciousness and awareness on the policy of self development of women entrepreneurs.
(v) The vocational training to be extended to women community that enables them to understand the production process and production

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