Women Entrepreneurship In Nigeria Essay

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Entrepreneurs play a key role in in the development of economies all over the world. Women entrepreneur across the globe plays equal role with their men counterparts in economic development. Women entrepreneurship development in Nigeria has been recognized as very important to national development because of the economic benefits in both developed and less developed countries. Women have the uncommon capability to grow and contribute meaningfully to the development of any nation when empowered. Development of women entrepreneurship is the easiest approach to economic vitality. Literature has it that Nigerian women are known for their ability to multitask and are blessed with the potentials to improve the living standard and the quality of living of the citizens. Another argument is that women are capable to manage their time between official working hours and the market sector/non-market economic activities such as selling items to their colleagues while in office, practicing subsistence farming at home, fetching water and fuel gathering, preparing food and making the home clean and child care or care for the elderly. All these are crucial elements in determining the quality of life. Such economic…show more content…
This is further buttressed by the lower rate of women in the political positions within the country. Thomson (2002) stated that the more we have women in entrepreneurship activities, the more they are confidence at giving back to their communities thus, encouraging women participation in politics. Many Nigerian women had played vital roles in developing small enterprise and they are often engaged in artisans businesses such as fish farming, making of mat, clothe weaving, poultry farming, and food crops production. Women in Nigeria are known to establish and own businesses like eateries, cosmetics, beauty and skin care shops, discount and retail

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