Informative Essay: Body Building For Women

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Women have always been considered to be weaker than the men. The reason why this is the case might be because women and men have different hormones. Men have a higher level of testosterone which is a hormone for building muscles, on the other hand, women usually have a higher level of estrogen that can lead to fat that is excess in women. This case hence can discourage women from involving themselves in weight training. Women may think that because they have high levels of estrogen it might be hard for them to build muscles.
Some women usually want to be fit but not muscles that are bulky, and that is the other reason that can make women avoid weight training. They fear that when they build muscles their appearance will look worse (they will look like men). In fact, adding muscle for a woman actually helps in supporting a woman’s metabolism and hence allows losing fat in trouble areas. There are few women who are engaging in body building in order to gain muscles or increase their size. If you are also interested you can join and be one of the women that are competing for their muscles.
How a woman can start bodybuilding
A woman who wants to start body building can still be in a position to maintain her femininity
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This is because you can find articles about women body building on magazines and even online. Before, men were the only people who were involved in body building. This is because women were said to be weaker than men due to the level of testosterone in them. Despite all that, women who are engaged in body building and they later look very masculine. A muscularity look is achieved after a woman has dedicated herself to it and has also changed her lifestyle for many years. These shows that women who want to lose their weight or gain weight should not be afraid of having a masculine look, since this look is normally achieved after very many years of

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