Women Exposed In The Yellow Wallpaper

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In the 19th century, the misogynist standards left women in a state where their potential was suppressed. Charlotte Gilman argued against a society where a woman’s mentality and physical health was not fully cared for because of men. She herself had been a victim of these standards causing depression and her journey to not rely on another man shaped her feminist attitude. In 1892, she wrote a piece entitled The Yellow Wallpaper where she unravels the destruction anti-feminist attitudes can cause. By the use of setting Gilman formed her meaning that women deserve not only the same rights but compromise/ To start off, let’s look at the isolated house in the yellow wallpaper The narrator speaking in first person is Jane, suffering from postpartum depression, an illness not discovered at the time. For her recovery, she is advised to stay in a rented estate by her physician husband and brother. It is described as “quite alone, standing well back from the road, quite three miles from the village.” The house is described as away from the village and isolated from the rest of the world which Gilman reflects Jane 's situation where she is also isolated in the house. Jane writes in her journal about she yearns to…show more content…
A look inside of Jane and John 's bedroom can accurately describe their relationship. John who very well cares for Jane treats her like a child which is why Gilman presented their bedroom in what used to be a nursery. John is often found saying such things as "What is it, little girl?" he said. "Don 't go walking about like that you 'll get cold." Found in this room can be the yellow wallpaper that sets this feminist piece apart from the rest. Keeping in mind that the main character Is suffering from postpartum depression is also an important connect on why she is in a nursery. She is isolated in the bedroom and begins to fantasize about a woman trapped in the
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