Women Fighting In Combat Argumentative Essay

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Women fighting in combat is controversial because many people think women are not fit for combat. The strongest counter-argument is equal rights for women, which is suggesting women who can not fight in combat do not have equal rights. However, in my view, women not having equal rights is wrong because even though it may seem like women do not have equal rights, guiding female soldiers to different positions is the safest way to protect them. Therefore, I maintain women should not fight in combat. Nonetheless, women should focus on the alternatives to fighting in order to serve the military. Because fighting is not the only job to do, Lange informs people who are interested in serving their country in her article about the different positions within the military. Soldiers are able to choose from over 150 jobs in the military. One example of a career in the military other than…show more content…
Bush informs future soldiers in her journal about the biomechanics of combat because women are failing the physical portions of training for combat. Though there are many different branches of the armed services, all soldiers must pass physical readiness testing in order to be prepared for their line of duty. According to Bush, “female Marines in boot camp are failing the upper body strength portion of the [physical readiness test] at a rate of 55%.” The results prove women are not as physically strong as men. Being muscular and fit is important in order to fight in combat. Due to their inability to pass the physical readiness test, women fighting in combat is more dangerous compared to men fighting in combat. Women fighting in combat is controversial because many people believe women are not fit for combat. I maintain women should not fight in combat because the safest way for females in particular to serve their country is by working in other fields in the military. However, the strongest counter-argument is equal
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