Women Have The Right To Fight On The Frontlines Essay

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What would come to mind if suddenly women had the right of fighting alongside men in combat on the frontlines? A place that was once strictly for a man 's mind only - where courageous women were forced to do else wise - not allowed to fight for her own country? More and more women are pushing for the right to fight, and while others oppose it, some highly support the idea. Women deserve the right to fight on the frontlines because they have the ability to reach the same strength goals as men, they would not have to disguise themselves anymore, and plenty of new jobs have the possibility of being created. The main issue here is that women feel, and want to try to prove, they have what it takes to fight with men. However, Army officials do not give them a chance.…show more content…
When one takes that into consideration, none of it appears as something a dedicated woman wouldn 't be able to handle. To make basic training equal to both sexes, time standards for a woman to meet the designated goal can be lowered. While still expecting women to meet the strength goals, extra time can still push everyone to their breaking point but in a timely manner. The sex of someone has become a barrier for women because men want them to complete objectives as quickly as them as well as further neglecting the privilege to either fail or succeed on the frontlines. Karen Brooks gives a feminist view on the way armed forces treat women as a whole in her writing “Women Should Be Allowed On The Front Line.” She says, “Men and women are equally capable of bravery and heroism as they are of bullying and vilifying their own and the opposite sex” (8). When a person signs on to serve his/her country, they 're made aware of the risks and sacrifices they 're being asked to make. Women take this into consideration and still agree to it, but are still bullied
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