Essay On A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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For years, women have been fighting to break stereotypes and be independent. In Henrik Ibsen’s iconic play, A Doll’s House, that is exactly what the main character, Nora Helmer, is trying to do. In the famous play, Ibsen describes the harsh ways women must live in the society of the late 1870s. It also shows how women can fight back against the normal ways and be independent. The inspiring story of Nora Helmer in the play A Doll’s House uncovers the strict roles of women in society and explains how those stereotypes should be broken. Throughout the story multiple themes are present. In the late 1870s the roles of women in society were very strict and Ibsen made that one of the main themes in the play. In the beginning of the play Nora talks with an old friend. As the two catch up Nora says, “...a time will come when Torvald is not as devoted to me, not quite so happy when I dance for him, and dress for him, and play with him” (Ibsen, Act One). From this quote readers can understand that Nora is like her husband’s little doll. It indicates that women were only supposed to do things to please and entertain their husbands, but eventually their husband would get tired of them and move on to someone younger and…show more content…
A Doll’s House relates to Ibsen’s life in a sense that it surrounds a social problem. The problem displayed in the play was a problem in the society that Ibsen was living in at the time the play was popular. The play shows his views on the main problem. The play explains that women are more than just a housewife and can be independent and those are his political views. There are also some very obvious differences. The play shows the problems that women were facing in the late 1870s and he did not experience the same problems because he is a man. The plot does not directly relate to Ibsen because the plot of the play does not depict any real life experience of his, it is all realistic
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