Women In Advertising: The Role Of Women In Advertising

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• Women in Radio programs Radio is one of the strongest form of mass media, as it approximately covers the entire population of India, especially the rural side. During the earlier times of development, the kind of programs aired on the AIR were focused on health issues, family planning, agriculture and on education. There was no separate program catering to women issues. Less than two percent of the broadcasting time on radio is given to shows on or for women. Also, twenty-five per cent of radio advertisements are directed at women, in the form of advertisements on food products, beauty products, fabrics and beverages. The songs that are selected to be played on AIR and Vividh Bharti cover religious themes or depicts themes of women waiting…show more content…
No doubt advertising is the major industry, which plays a significant role in shaping the mindset of the society. Marketers have noted down the change in the society and have been trying hard to make ads, that connect with the Indian audience. It is often said that advertising is the mirror of the life around. It has been witnessed that there are some social boundaries that are imposed on the women in advertising: like cooking, cleaning and most importantly taking care of their children and husbands. While men are portrayed as someone who have reached pinnacles in their life, cracked many business deals and succeeded in every aspect of life. Nirma and many other detergent commercial showcased women, as they enjoyed washing clothes and maybe they did, as the women in those times were raised in such manner. Over the past twenty years the scenario has changed, where the central characters of the same Nirma commercial have now a different hold in the…show more content…
Daily soaps like, ‘kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’, ‘kasauti zindigi ki’ and many other portrayed such a stereotypical image of a women in the story. Where, the women who is working and has an aim of stealing the husband from the wife, is considered to be a vamp. The idea of fair and dark skinned is one of the topic which was incorporated in most of the serial aired in the earlier times. Where, there are serials like ‘Bidaai’ where the black skinned girl is show to have a low self-esteem but then there are stories like ‘Saath phere-Saloni’ which tries to break such

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