Alice Walker's Roselily, Sandra Cisneros Woman

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Women writers and protagonists ruled these works. These works are the literary compositions of Alice Walker’s “Roselily,” Sandra Cisneros’ Woman Hollering Creek,” and Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour.” In all three of these manuscripts the protagonists face valuing the worth of their marriages, weighing their means of freedom, and changing their life statuses.
To begin with, “Roselily”is about a mother of four children; however, only three children live with her. She’s a seamstress at a factory and yurns for a better life for her and her children. The setting of the short story is during the vows at Roselily’s wedding. The tone of the text is the reading of the wedding vows starting with “Dearly Beloved” and ending with “forever hold his
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However, her sole motherly influence is Hispanic soap operas called telenovelas. Cleófilas lived with her widower father and six “good-for-nothing” brothers, all of which were unable to provide an adequate and realistic female role model. Believing that her married life will be like her tv dramas, Cleófilas marries, moves in with, and has 2 children with a seemingly rich Texan man named Juan Pedro. Afterward, she relies that her new husband can barely pay his bills, has a severe alcohol addiction, and is extremely abusive. During a visit to Graciela her gynecologist, Graciela sees “black-and-blue marks all over” Cleófilas’ body. It is clear to the doctor that Juan Pedro is abusing his wife and Graciela arranges for her truck driving independent friend Felice to help Cleófilas escape Juan Pedro. The tone of Cisneros’ work is presented in the second person with an unnamed narrator, presumable the author, telling about the protagonist’s hardships. Cleófilas’ internal conflict is the struggle to determine her true meaning of freedom. She was not accustom to women being independent, driving their own cars, or living on their own terms. When Felice picked Cleófilas up in her truck, Cleó ultimately realizes that she too can be independent and happy without being
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