Homelessness In 1930s America

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During the 1930s, After World War I, the Great Depression from America spread to the whole world. According to the song Wanderin by Vernon Dalhart, describe the common people in America during the 1930s suffered the pressure by the society and homelessness became a serious problem at that time. People at that time can have a normal work. Also, homelessness becomes a serious problem at that time. In addition, it was chaos in social order and the crime rate during citizens was very high. Therefore, some people like the singer of Wanderin, was disappointed about the world and thought that they would rove forever.
After World War I, people started to get back to work. “My sister takes in laundry.” (Wanderin6) From the quote, sister can get a job. Women in 1930s also can get jobs. Before World War I, women can only stay at home and do housework and women cannot go to school for study. “According to the 1930 census almost eleven million women, or 24.3 percent of all women in the country, were gainfully
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Three out of every ten of these working women were in domestic or personal service.” After World War I, during the 1930s, common women could get jobs. However, due to the Great depress at that time, the life of migrants’ workers in America were very hard. “There was frequently endless competition for underpaid work in regions foreign to them and their families.” Connecting with the lyrics in the song Wanderin, the father and sister and he were all working. However, he still need to wandering, that means during the 1930s, the living condition of common workers in 1930s was very poor.
During the 1930s, the homeless people increased rapidly because of the Great Depression. Many people at that time lost their jobs and came to a new country. However, the economics of the whole world was not good at that time, therefore, more and more homeless people existed. For example, the singer of Warderin was one
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