Women In Architecture: Obstacles Facing Women Architects

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Obstacles Facing Women Architects Women in architecture face many challenges that labels them inferior. The obstacles facing women debilitate them from prospering in the field. Architecture is a field full of different perspectives and opinions. Minorities bring positive additions to the profession with their culture and background. This vigorous career requires the collaboration of multiple ideas and aspects. Architects who are women of color undergo more challenges than women who are not. Women in the architectural field are forced to work harder than others to prove their abilities and do not receive the credit they deserve. Architecture can be described as the field of designing and constructing scenery for buildings or structures. The…show more content…
Architects are seen as intellectual people who uphold a profitable position in society. This label allows people to feel as if they are placed on a high level in the hierarchy of careers. Although women have proven that they are capable of doing this type of work, they are often seen as the weaker sex. The author of the article, “ Women architects: Building change”, presents her support for women by stating, “And yet despite this long history of challenging architecture to be inclusive, women have been given little credit for their contributions” (Stratigakos, 2014). The role of an architect comes with high status, which often gives men architects the confidence that they are better and superior to women. This emphasizes that women are forced to go through many setbacks that hinder their…show more content…
Advocates for this opinion often include men who have already reached success and have not gone through hardships that prevent them from achieving. These people believe that women and minorities are given equal opportunities to succeed. Their position implies that minorities and women are not working hard enough to gain their success. According to the article, “The potential for gender equality in architecture: an Anglo-Spanish comparison”, women are treated fairly in the field, the article states, To date equality initiatives have been introduced by women for women with no challenge to the dominant male population of the profession” (Caven & Astor, 2013). This expresses the idea that there is no opposition in the field and such obstacles do not exist. People who stand by this opinion are often close minded and do not accept that women nor minorities have the same capabilities as

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