Roles Of Women In The Military Essay

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Since the beginning, women have been front and center during all of the destruction caused by the multiple wars. In the beginning women started integrating into combat zones in the smallest ways, they would work as nurses or cooks, and they often disguised themselves as men to be able to help serve their country. Allowing women into the military has impacted and changed the requirements to join and the requirements of the different bases, it has increased and decreased the military budget, improved effectiveness in some areas, and it has added extra stress and liabilities.

When women were allowed to join the military, in combat and non-combat units, the requirements for multiple different aspects of the military changed. The physical requirements to join the different branches was not altered too
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When women were allowed to join, the department of defense has to make sure that each soldier gets the equipment that they need to be successful in their job. According to the New York Times the United States has the best funded military in the world, and we spend more for weapons and ammunition than any other country. Women were just recently allowed into all combat positions, so that means more money was spent on weapons and ammunition to accommodate the new soldiers. The bill to allow women into direct combat was passed in 2016, and “At the end of every year the federal government determines if, and by how much, the basic pay tables will increase.”, and since 2016 the tables have increased. In 2015 the pay raise was only at a 1% increase, in 2016 the pay raise was at a 1.3% increase, in 2017 the pay raise was at a 2.1% increase, and the ”current estimate of the upcoming 2019 military pay raise is 2.6%”(Military Pay Raise), this shows that since women were allowed into direct combat areas the pay has increased and it offers more opportunity for
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