Women In Combat: The Roles Of Women In Combat

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Women in Combat The roles of women in everyday lives continues to expand each year. As the push continues for equality, many workplaces are forced to reconsider their old policies and possibly implement new standards. The military is not immune to this, and in the past few decades women have gone from strictly serving in support roles to making decisions and executing missions in today’s modern warfare. These female servicemembers have been in harm’s way and run the same risk of being hurt as their male counterparts. But is this the best thing for the United States military? Does this make the armed forces a more lethal and efficient version of itself or does it hinder what we are capable of in combat? What used to be about who was the best man for the job has become who is best-qualified and most capable people, regardless of gender. Combat roles could be anything where the focus of the job is to kill the enemy. Examples of this would be the infantryman, combat pilots, and tank crew members. Some find this push for equality very necessary and long overdue. Women often bring a unique skill set to the table, many of which are very useful in combat when strength is not always the answer. Even though women may be perceived as too weak for combat, women should be allowed to serve in combat roles in the military but only if they can meet the necessary physical and mental requirements. As long as qualification standards are being protected then the integration of females into

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