Women In English Literature

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ABSTRACT Literature has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their executions. The advent of the British in India initiated works to be written in English language. Then a number of works in English literature began to grow. During the contemporary times, numerous Indian authors have made their mark on the world English literature scene. Among the many novelists experimenting consciously with the Indian Writing in English, Jaishree Misra and Shilpi Somaya Gowda have a unique place among the novelists writing in English. They care more for literary qualities of her creative works. The projections of the women world…show more content…
In the novels of some women writers other than the writers chosen for the present study, the protagonists presented are mostly women characters, desolated and isolated by an entirely sapless, hypocritical and insensitive male domination. They have tried their best to free the female mentality from the age – long control of male domination. There are number of Indian English novels that deal with women’s…show more content…
The novels understudy has given scope for analysis from this perspective how realignment occurs in families that disintegrate. The protagonists being victims both at the natal home and marital home sever all ties, but the novels have thrown light on how the protagonists reconstruct their lives, and their ‘selves’. They are not left in the lurch but there are signs of hope and rejuvenation by resorting their selves as well as familial bonds. The novels give a glimpse of the post – independence India where the social notions about women have changed considerably. The novelists under study have tried to register these significant changes by creating illustrative situations and characters in different

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