Women In Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle Of A Death Fortold

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a Colombian born writer who has been known for his journalistic style of writing in his many pieces of work. An example of this style of writing can be seen in the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold set in the 1950s. Marquez was considered to be a conservative person, upholding many Spanish traditions and incorporating these traditions into his novels. One of the traditions would be how the role of women is played in society. Marquez uses the of conventional ‘ideal’ women and the unconventional women that fall out of the social norm and embodies them into characters in the novel into a patriarchal society.

Through Angela Vicario, Marquez presents how women can form their independent ideas and rebel against such an oppressive system. The character Purisima del Carmen, the mother of Angela Vicario represents the ‘traditional’ woman in a patriarchal society where women are exploited and objectified by men for sexual pleasure. Angela is forced to marry Bayardo San Roman, a man of wealth and a prestigious family but “It was Angela Vicario who didn’t want to marry him He seemed too much of a man for me, she told me”. Angela also described how “Bayardo san Roman hadn’t even tried to court her” but had “bewitched the family with his charm”. Marquez can be trying to show how women in a patriarchal society had their opinions ignored and society was there to please the men. As for Bayardo, it was only a matter of choosing a woman to marry to please his

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