Hip-Hop Music's Attitude Towards Women

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Hip-hop is one of the most popular and profitable music industries in the world. For instance, Pitbul, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West . This fact is quite alarming since the general idea which hip-hop music is based on degrades women. This music promotes misogyny - a term used to express hatred and prejudice against women . Women are constantly humiliated and disrespected in hip-hop songs, which may influence society’s attitude towards them, especially among adolescents. First of all, , focusing only on their appearance, not mentioning their personality or intelligence. Second, many of the words used in the songs to address women are derogatory and . Finally, women are being presented as inferior to man by sending the message that . All in all, modern hip-hop music, containing the previously mentioned degrading elements, contributes to the further development of sexism in society. Many of the lyrics and videos of popular hip-hop songs show the tendency to portray…show more content…
The most frequent word that occurs in rap lyrics is "bitch" used equally by male and female artists, and less frequent but still widely used by male artists is “hoe” . Many active listeners to hip-hop music will argue that the lyrics should not be considered as derogatory, because they serve merely as an expressive tool and are not meant to be offensive or humiliating. However, there is no doubt that they create certain stereotypes and produce images which contribute to the further development of women’s oppression . The lyrics written by Dr. Dre perfectly illustrate this alarming occurrence: . The most derogatory words "bitch" and "hoe" are both present in the same verse. When young people hear these words uttered by their favorite artist they might begin to think that it is appropriate if they themselves use them to describe and address

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