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Indian English Literature has undergone a drastic change over several years. During the 18th century, Indian women writers were undervalued because of some conservative attitude with patriarchal form of society. But in the 20th century the women writers are successful in placing themselves with their male counterparts in Indian literature.1. Previously their writings are confined to woman’s perception and experiences within the enclosed domestic arena. The last two decades have witnessed a remarkable achievement in feminist writings of Indian English literature. Their novels deals with burning issues related to women to retain their dignity.
Women novelists writing in English attempted to project woman as the central figure and seem to succeed
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Through the protagonist Jaya, an intelligent and educated woman, Despande tries to describe the endeavor made by every women to search out their individual identity within the family in particular and society in general. They are women who are individuals with awareness of their rights and duties; they have genuine passions and expect an independent and autonomous existence. But the traditional mind set of the people is the main hindrance for the attainment of such goal by women. Very carefully Shashi Despande portrayed her female characters specially the character of Jaya that they are still clinging to traditional values and at the same time they strive to seek independent…show more content…
Even she never dared to speak against the marriage of her husband and silently accepted the situation as she fails to give him a child. Tara, Jeeja’s grand-daughter is married off at the age considered suitable by her parents, not caring to know enough about the other particulars of the boy who is like any other man. Same is the case of Vimala, Mohan’s sister, when she was diagnosed with ovarian tumor she was neglected by her husband and due to lack of attention she bleeds herself to death in silence.

In the complex Indian society because of the suppression of patriarchal society women had undergone transformations because of modernization. 3. In today’s world women are more assertive and liberated in their view. But Jaya fails to attain her selfhood by fulfilling the likes and expectations of her husband. The lessons taught by the female members of her family made her bound to lead her life in the same track. Her abilities and strengths are undermined. She had no freedom to express and share her desires and emotions with Mohan. Jaya chooses to be silent in spite of her urge to revolt. Generally a woman’s identity is defined only in terms of her relationship with her husband and it means virtually a woman does not have any identity of her

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