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Without Jane, Women Are Not the Same As rebellious and mischievous as Jane Eyre seems, Charlotte Brontë creates her to be a strong and independent woman, setting an example for many more women to come. Some people believe that she started feminism, as women were seen as less than men, while others say she was a meer example of bravery, going on far adventures without needing anyone to guide her through life. Either way, she inspired many people in her time and still does today.
Imagine being raised without having either parent. Instead, you live with people who do not want you, hurt you, and keep you in constant isolation. Jane admitted, “John had an antipathy for me. He bullied and punished me- not two or three times in the week, nor once
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Rochester. Jane immediately fell in love with him, but she kept her composure and acted as if nothing ever happened. “Her need for love is compounded with a female sense that love must be purchased through suffering and self-sacrifice.” (Dunn, 467). Jane tries and tries again to deny the feelings that she has for him by saying, “Mr. Rochester, I will not be yours.” (Waxman, 243). This proves that she could not deny it. She gives him several compliments and admits to thinking about him often. She also says, “I am independent, sir, as well as rich; I am my own mistress.” (Waxman, 256). Jane knew she did not need a man and so she decided not to look for love. “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.” (Brontë, 297). Her want becomes stronger than her need and she makes it very clear by saying, “Reader, I married him.” (Brontë, 520).
In conclusion, Charlotte Bronte portrays Jane Eyre to be a kind of woman who respects herself enough to not be pushed around by others. She also pays no attention to gender roles in their Victorian society. Jane admits, “I care for myself...I will respect myself.”. (Waxman, 256) Although Jane might come off as rebellious, she continuously proves herself to be a strong and independent woman, who has impacted so many more women
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