Women In Kanthapura

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Females have been skillfully portrayed by Raja Rao.There is a great variety of women characters in the novel, Kanthapura. Rangamma is one of the literate women in the village. She studies the newspapers herself and thus keeps herself and others aware with day to day developments else where. She observes various things of common interest. Bhatta can never befool Rangamma. She assists Moorthy literally, athough she does not appear to share her thought that Untouchables and Brahmins are all equal. After meeting Sankar, Rangamma matures into a fine orator. she is able to fill the void designed by death of the father who used to interpret the Vedantic texts at Harikatha assemblies.It is she who frolicks the main role in organising the females of Kanthapura into a Sevika Sangh.Being practical minded,when she comes to realize that some males are grievancing that they are not getting proper response at home because their females are participating in drills. She once takes actual measures and narrates to Sevikas that they must not neglect their household responsibilities. Next comes Ratna who is a child widow. She is influenced by modern ideas.She is not very welcomed by patriarchal society. She is criticised for her unconventional thinking but she does not bother for such criticism.She has strong sense of firmness and determination which is reflected in the choice of her own path and stick to it.She is skillfully influenced by the Gandhian movement. And the Gandhian movement becomes

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