Women In Katherine Boo's Behind The Beautiful Forever

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The women in the urban areas of Katherine Boo’s novel Behind the Beautiful Forever seems to hold more freedom than of the women in the village. Women in America have more freedom than the women not only in Annawadi, but of as well as the rest of the world in terms of having the freedom to choose their husband and career path. Even though American women have more freedom there is still a long hurdle to overcome. A woman must fight against the injustices in a workplace and in society. In general, American women must feel lucky to live in America because of the opportunities that are offered to them. Women in the village have far less freedom than the women in the urban areas because in the village women have to endure harsh labor that their bodies were not made for. Katherine Boo exclaims that “the older women had to crane their necks, since their bodies were bent from decades of agricultural labor”(135). Women like Asha, Manju, and all the others are not subdued to harsh conditional labor like the women from…show more content…
Women have more freedom in America than in Annawadi, but this right had to be fought for and still to this day there are still some inequalities in the workplace because of people with a fixed mindset that a woman's job is to stay at home and do all the cleaning. These kinds of stereotypes have made women fight against the prejudices by joining the military, acquiring government positions, and even becoming chief executive officers of a company. These rights were not handed to them as they had to fight for them, but both kinds of women share the similarity of being considered second class citizens instead of first class citizens. The women in America do not need to fight for scraps of food or work harsh labors to survive as they just have to worry about studying to have a better
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