Women In Manipuri Analysis

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A study of selected women’s poetries in Manipuri Literature
Dr. Anuradha Nongmaithem
Assistant Professor in English
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
National Institute Of Technology Agartala
Brajala, Jirania, West Tripura- 799046
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ABSTRACT The paper attempted to study few of the selected poems by women writers in Manipuri Literature. The study is done on the translated version of the selected writers’ poem. It discusses the longing and unexpressed emotions which are embedded within themselves and the solidarity voice of equal treatment in the society they live in. From long women is due to get its proper right in our society.
KEYWORDS: Nupi, Female Voice and Manipur Society.
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They are not only concerned about their sexuality or womanliness. It is also unavoidable that women poets are self reflective and it’s difficult to move beyond one’s personal self. Their work are thrust upon the social changes, blood thirsty human beings, violence, changing equation of gender role and hope for a better world. Though as already stated that women born in Manipur are more privileged, at one point it all sounded too superficial. From time immemorial women is bounded within the frontier of household. Man in our society is not very happy to see women coming up to their level. The same sensitive is felt by some sensitive writers’ and starting penning it down. In a recent anthology entitled Tattooed With Taboos, which was awarded best book production in the year 2011. The poets proclaim that women are force to surrender their individualities at the cause of family and societal norms. Women from quite long time are tight-lipped about it, as though it is a natural process. The poems are practical as well as reflexive in the sense that they try to reveal and make us feel the artificial devastation which change the frames of our society and practices that pull the society into darkness. The collections try to paint the image of woman in our society. The anthology is considered one of the best for projecting the feminism in recent Manipuri literature. This collection will connect the old values and modern values of Manipuri women. It talks about womanhood, feminine emotional, dreams, desires and aspiration of a woman. Today generation women are more advance in their outlook towards life. But somehow I feel that there is something lacking which needs to fill

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