Women In Miss Representation

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The movie Miss Representation is about the problem that media focuses more on womens looks that they do of showing women in power. It shows clips of well known movies and television shows. It talks about the advertisements that show perfect women that only exist because of photo shopped.It shows clips of men talking badly about how women look. Women are portrayed as emotional, catty, child carrier, stupid, gold digger and bitchy. The movie discusses about the problem that women have not moved up in politics since they were allowed to vote. Jennifer Siebel Newsom effectively convinces the audience of Miss Representation that media focuses more on appearances for women than they do of showing powerful women through the use of media, speakers, statistics.

The movie uses media to show the image
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The movie Miss representation shows a trumendce amout of imfromation on how medias focuses more on looks than showing power for women. There is media clips and advertisments that show women more in how they look than they do showing a congress woman. The speakers atlk about their thought about how the media shows women, not showing power, and personal experiences. There are speakers talking about how the media wants women are never beautiful enough so they spend more money. Also how there are women in power in other countries and if people knew that infromation here it would become an issue. The movie also shows different stausticsand how it is a problem in society. There is a satistic of the money spent on plastic surgury can pay for a specific years of college depending on the type of college. The use of media, speaker, and satistics help to support the main idea that the media focuses more on womens apperence then they do of showing them in
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