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For many centuries, women have been fighting for equality. Even in the 21st century, we are still fighting for equality, as the men of this nation try to control our lives. In the past, women were not shown the same respect as the men, in the home or the workplace. Woman have always been seen as a man lesser, when we are the same and maybe even more than them. We do not belong in the house, taking care of the children and just fading away; we deserve to have the same jobs as men and be paid the same as the men. Women want to be more than just the pink-collar jobs, we want to be seen in every job field with no restrictions. A woman may not have the same strength as a man but, we do have the same ambitions and fight to achieve goals as a man;…show more content…
As females, we deserve the equal rights. Adrienne Rich in “Diving into the Wreck” and Maya Angelou in “Phenomenal Woman” poems both display how they found their true selves in a society that wanted them to be a certain way; when both of them found a way to be more than what society expected.
The poem “Phenomenal Woman”, is about a woman who fights against what society believes a beautiful woman should look, act and want to be like. This woman’s beauty comes from within, the reason why people don’t understand her beauty and she embraces their confusion. The narrator stands out because she is not model beautiful, but she is smart and sees herself in a different way that is what makes her a phenomenal woman. In stanza one, she talks about how beautiful woman get confused when she tells them why she is beautiful, her beauty does not come from appearance but from within herself. Throughout the poem, she uses descriptive
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She uses the descriptive word curl, to describe her lips; the way that her lips curl when she smiles is beyond what anybody else can understand. In stanza two, she kind of gives an exaggeration to the way people react to her when she walks into a room. “Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees” (19) this implies that she is their queen and they will treat her as such. This is ironic because she may not even know these men yet, they are captivated by her beauty. In stanza two, she returns to her descriptive words of herself, such as fire, flash, swing, and joy. The fire in her eyes was stands for the desire that she holds deep in herself, this is what drives her towards being a phenomenal woman. She uses flash to describe the way her white teeth catch the attention of the men when she smiles. The way she uses swing is to describe the way her hips show how confident, is in her own skin. The last descriptive word used in this stanza is joy, which describes the passion she has for her life, and to how she wants to live it. The narrator makes the men wonder why they find this woman as a

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