Women In Pop Culture

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Sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape play a very large role in female oppression as well. For example, women are often targeted for this type of assault because females are seen as subordinate and objectified by society and the media. One example of this objectification and dehumanization of women in pop culture can be seen in the music video to the song “Blurred Lines,” performed by Robin Thicke. The music video, banned by YouTube in 2013, featured near-nude women dancing around fully clothed men; this is a problem because the video promotes women’s bodies being used as objects to reinforce the status of the men in the video. The men clearly have control over the situation and are not vulnerable in any way, whereas the women are in…show more content…
This is typically untrue of the western world, and is the reason that many deny its existence. However, the actual definition concerns the collective issues, cultural ingraining, and disparagement of rape and sexual assault. Many people may dismiss the term “rape culture,” saying that it is solely a term that has been invented by extremists and misandrists in order to make men look bad, or to make it seem like rape and sexual assault happen more often than they do. Unfortunately, it is a fairly common occurrence: “One in five women has been the victim of rape or an attempted rape in their lifetime. Nearly half of women have experienced sexual violence other than rape in their lifetime” (National Statistics, 1). Rape culture is commonly reinforced by the media, pop culture, and law enforcement; it is then perpetuated and upheld by society, even though the majority of the general populace may be unaware of the existence of such an…show more content…
For example, a woman who has made a rape accusation may be asked what kind of clothing she was wearing when she was assaulted. However, sexual assault can be compared to a situation in which the owner of an expensive car or house is robbed. The victim of the robbery would not be blamed for the theft because they left their expensive car parked in the driveway, or be blamed for having an expensive home that might be alluring to thieves. The thief would be held solely and fully responsible for the robbery, not the owner of the items that were stolen. This is why, in preventing and finding justice for sexual assault, those involved in the justice process cannot simply pass off the incident as a product of rape culture. Those who are at fault for the crime are those individuals who actively choose to commit the assault, not their

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