Women In Poverty In The United States

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In 2014 15 percent of the United States lived in poverty. That means 47 million people were living in poverty! Out of the 47 million 15.5 million of them are children!()Majority of the people that live in poverty are parents who work minimum wage jobs, college graduates who can not find jobs, women and children. More than four out of ten children are living close to the poverty line ()and the government is only helping some. If the government were to supply their programs to every low income family the number could decrease drastically and the economy would also increase.
Most people are told if they do not go to college and get an higher education they will have a hard life as a working adult. Because if people do not go to college and
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Over 3 million Americans are living on or below the federal wage and many of them are women and young children.This is because for every dollar a man makes a woman gets 78 cents. Nearly two-thirds worked in service occupation, preparing and serving food, cleaning and personal care and healthcare support.() It 's not fair to the women because a woman has more needs than a man does and they get paid less!The government could do so much to help women in need especially the ones with children! If women and men got paid they same the women living in poverty possibly decrease. A single mother in Georgia quit her 8.00 per hour job for a job that earns less in hopes of a promotion. She works 40 hours a week and gets $100 in food stamps and government subsidy. With the help of the government she is able to afford child care for her two children and other…show more content…
But that is not true because if businesses were built on a model that depends on poverty wages, than those businesses will have trouble trying to adjust to humane wages.() "America remains the land of opportunity, but you have to work for it. The unemployment rate for college graduates is 5 percent. For high-school dropouts, it is 16 percent. Personal responsibility is usually the driving force behind success. But there are millions of Americans who are not responsible, and the cold truth is that the rest of us cannot afford to
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