Women In Rap Music

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Many songs in the rap genre have an air of violence or sexism against women. Some of the artists who create this music sing about having sex with women, the bodies of women, violence against women, or the inability of a woman to be on her own. Women who listen to this music may find themselves believing what is said, and gaining an implicit bias against other women or men. They might begin to consider other women as ‘sluts,’ ‘whores,’ or ‘gold diggers,’ and men as ‘sexist pigs’ or ‘perverts.’ Also, when women believe what is said about them in any type of media, they may start to become somewhat like the women described in that media. The problem here is that women are not always like this, and may not want to be, but they start to think that it is normal and acceptable. However, there are many reasons why people enjoy rap music, despite what is said or the effects it can have. After interviewing some people that I have met in college, I learned that the main reason people like rap music is the beat, as well as the energy and speed of the music. Some of them said that they do not even pay much attention to the lyrics, just the beat. However, some…show more content…
Women will begin to either believe the words or hate men for saying them. No woman should ever feel like she is not worthy to have her own life or like she deserves nothing better than to be a man’s ‘side-hoe.’ There is no reason for women to be degraded this way. Luckily, not all rap music is like this. I did listen to some music that talked about how women should be respected, or how a man wants his girlfriend back and doesn’t care if they have sex or not. There is some rap that has deeper meaning, and that rap is actually good music. But unfortunately, the majority of people I talked to mainly listen to the degrading style of music. Women need to take a stand against this degradation, and make men realize that it is not okay to treat them in this

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