Women In Raunch Culture

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People from all around the world are watching Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show in every year. Especially, this fashion show catches most of teenagers’ attention, not only because the fairy tale-like stage, but also does various supermodels wearing delicate bras shows in the fashion show. There was an evident showed that women in the description of raunch culture were characterized by the increased presence and popularity of female pornographic imagery: high heels, sequins and glitter, bunny rabbit ears and exposed cleavage (Bishop, 2012). Correspondingly, Livingstone (1998) remarked that the number of young women engaged in sex acts with other women has increased and the result was linked with chiefly performed for the titillation of men, rather than reflective of genuine lesbian or bisexual desire. Also, problematic was that young women were positioned in this literature as passively absorbing sexist media and culture.
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Performances of raunch culture were thus reinterpreted not as a capitulation to men, but as a means of celebrating ones’ potential power over men. Rauch culture could be viewed as shift the concept of women being objectified to women freely and ironically choosing to objectify themselves, at their own discretion and for their own purposes (Donaghue, Kurz & Whitehead, 2011). From postfeminist perspective, raunch culture can be viewed as women empowerment, which means that women shows their body because they feel confident with their body. In the second part of this article, there activities are introduced for teachers and students to discuss gender issues and raunch
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