Women In Rigg Vedic Era

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Women in Rig-Vedic period played a important role in their family, in the society and even in the political life. They enjoyed positions of equal opportunity and were respected both in the family and society as well. They were not decorative objects, but co-partners in life, in its pleasures and hurdles, in its joys and sorrows. They were imparted education like men and enjoyed considerable freedom in their personal matters. These are evidences of women actively participating in the political activities. They participated in the debate of Vidhatha (the earliest folk assembly of Indo-Aryans) and Sabha along with men. In short, it may be said that women enjoyed a fairly reasonable position during ancient times. The communities as a whole showed proper concern and respect for women, allowing them significant freedom in different activities of social and political life. They shared an equal standing with their menfolk and enjoyed a kind of liberty that actually had societal sanctions. The ancient Hindu philosophical concept of 'Shakti ', the feminine principle of energy, was also a creation of this age. This took the form of worship of the female idols. Political Sphere - Women of that epoch were enjoying the freedom and liberty in all spheres. They participated in all the activities and that time society was in the matriarchal form of some of the area and female was considered as a head of the family. She had a supreme authority to take a decision. Their eldest
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