Women In Rudali

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INTRODUCTION Dr. B. R. Ambedkar states:

“I have a dream that one day; Dalit women won’t be paraded naked, raped or forced to commit suicide for nothing wrong. Not only the Dalit women but whole women society will not be forced to do menial jobs. Women won’t be disrespected, exploited, neglected or won’t be treated as a sex-object only in Indian society. I dream that one day, equality will come in all spheres and women suffering will come to end.” (Ambedkar) ‘Woman’ is the most tranquilly powerful word globally. Role of women around the world is a noteworthy one as they are the important personalities in sports, research and development, education, HR
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She has very ingeniously penned the Rudali culture where women of lower caste community are branded as Rudali which stands a synonym for female professional mourners. From the different phases in the life of Sanichari, the tactful way to make a woman the Rudali could be observed. Women of this community both turn up as Rudali or a whore and it is stated by Mahasweta Devi as
“It is women who are ruined by Malik Mahajans who turn into whores…” (Rudali 80)
The superiority character of the Malik Mahajans who go the extreme of tormenting the other caste woman to a prostitute is highlighted by the writer. Fate of the woman especially belonging to hard-up community is decided by all other caste people except them and it is always a line where they stand to decide what to choose between the worst two options given. Adding to it, village where Sanichari lived was haunted over by the Rudali custom mainly for the reason that they lacked basic amenities to lead their life. The life style led by them fits aptly to the saying of Dr. Amdedkar that “ditch of regionalism and the den of ignorance and parochialism.” (Ambedkar). Life at Tahad village in the words of Mahasweta through Rudali could be mentioned to explain the principles of this community. She
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Furthermore, it is also added that Dalit children occupy the highest percentage of segregation right from malnourished children to being made to sit separately while having food especially in government schools.(Jha)
From all these news articles it could be read and comprehended that upper class caste people always take a higher hand in suppressing the needyand also assault them in the most egotistical way that leads to death. Mahashewatha Devi the renowned writer has penned all these narcissistic attitude of the mask wearing dignified class people through Rudali centering the role of caste in brutally massacring the whole lot of community in spite of tagging them untouchables.
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