Patriarchy In America Essay

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Women all around the world face hardships, discrimination and stereotypes and are burdened with multiple roles that make their lives very difficult even in developed countries. Women living in developing countries and in rural areas in particular face all of these challenges and more and are forced to live out their lives in a world that is filled with patriarchy and have lives that are unfulfilled or incomplete. All over the world in developing countries women face a lack of education. In this case, Africa, has a large rural population and the gender bias women in rural areas face is shocking. It is the perception that women are inferior to men and therefore men are the sole providers of the families while women are forced to stay at home. All across the world being born a woman means that far less opportunities are available and from birth some woman are not provided with basic education which in turn leads to these women looking for jobs as unskilled workers such as domestic workers or agricultural workers as they are uneducated and illiterate. The pay for these jobs are very low and many of these women are mistreated in their places of…show more content…
It is believed that woman living in rural areas should get married and raise a family as well as the fact that a woman in a developing country has to be answerable to her parents. This is due to many of these families having a patriarchal system. In urban areas it is seen that woman should be awarded the same opportunities that man have and that they should be treated equally but even in urban areas this is not true as seen from the difference of pay between men and women for the same types of jobs. Despite the fact that more women from rural areas are joining the urban workforce, they are still being paid less than men and are being looked over for promotions and raises. Even after obtaining the same knowledge and skills as men, they are still being

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