Globalization In America

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Culture has always been a feature that shapes human beings into different societies around the world. Nowadays, globalization is redefining each society’s culture, making each specific culture to lose its identity slowly. This specific scenario can be seen in America. Even though America was colonized by Europeans centuries ago, this continent is still subject to those who ruled these lands hundreds of years ago. The impact of European’s mandate in America and other parts of the world shaped it forever. One of the traits that have changed over time is how women are seen in society. Throughout this essay, how the view of woman in society and their essence have changed in America since the arrival of Europeans to the New Continent will be deeply analyzed by the interpretation…show more content…
The arrival of the colonizers did not only mean that Europeans found a new source of incomes to increase their insatiable desire for power but the view that humans had about the world would change for all times. The colonizers arrived in America to find a wild pack of savages and indigenous people that needed to be educated to become civilized. In no time, Europeans introduced and forced their customs to the Native Americans, thinking they were helping indigenous people and that they were improving their quality of life. Colonizers did not think that they could be doing the opposite to what they intended. In “Save us from”, the speaker shows how confused she is. In fact, she shows her apprehension and discomfort about simple things, such as gas stations, highways, and guns. She is asking to be saved from the simple things of life. At the beginning, one can imagine she is terrified of the actual world, but if you think about the things she feels reluctantly, all of them were introduced in America when the colonizers arrived with a
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