Women In The 1930's

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Although still not entirely popular or accepted, women also began to emerge more and more in postsecondary education. Women were only seldom allowed to go to college in the beginning of the 1920’s and when they did, they attended an all-women's school. By 1921 a woman was enrolled in a college that did not traditionally allow women (Benner). This was a monumental step for women’s educational rights. Women were allowed to graduate and become nurses or teachers, the only careers seen fit for women. This was a limitation for women, but this limitation only encouraged women to surpass their expectations and push the limits of what they could achieve as strong and successful members of society.“ the end of the decade, women represented 47%…show more content…
Beginning with the stock market crash of 1929, the Great Depression took the country by storm. Suddenly, many people were out of jobs and unemployment skyrocketed. Wages were majorly reduced which affected home living situations causing overall devastation. This economic downfall caused chaos and a change in society as people were struggling more than ever to maintain their previous lifestyle. Money was tight so fashion became less extravagant and exotic and resources were no longer in excess, in stark contrast to the roar of the 1920’s. This time of crisis and despair was a major obstacle that stunted the blazing trail that women were pursuing towards more freedoms and means of self-expression. Jazz no longer rang through the streets and flashy dresses with bold jewelry failed to ordain the dance halls. Recession fashion was an instant mood change. The flapper flair rapidly disappeared and a more simplistic and subdued trend emerged. This new fashion was very congruent among societal classes and age groups. Depression era clothing was plain and old. No one could afford to buy new clothing, so they were left with what they had currently owned. Clothing look was unimportant as women only desired clothing for ease of wear, thus eliminating the styling and presentation aspect of fashion. Patterns were no longer important. Women typically wore comfortable pants and tops rather than fancy…show more content…
This time exuded a glamorous tone and majorly affected women's fashion. Dresses were now made with more luxurious materials such as silk or satin. Dress silhouettes were chic and fitted to contour the body’s natural shape while still providing movement and grace. This was a new release of expression as women were previously confined to wearing clothes that were plain and functional during the economic crisis. This was an exciting breakout for women as they were finally allowed to express themselves again and show their personality through fashion. Women had been in the dark during the depression era and these female role models brought the fashion industry back to life. This new elegant style was yet another form of expression for women because it was a new and innovative stylistic decision that many women supported. This was yet another trend that helped women form a mindset that was focused on the individual and their unique portrayal and presentation. This was important for the continuation of self-expression through fashion because it allowed women to see the different styles that could emerge in even short spans of time
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