Women In The 19th Century

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INTRODUCTION Women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were challenged with expressing themselves in a patriarchal regime that commonly refused to grant merit to women 's ideas. Both political and cultural events during these centuries increased attention to women 's issues such as education reform, and by the end of the eighteenth century, women were increasingly able to speak out against inequity. Though modern feminism was non-existent, many women expressed themselves and revealed the conditions that they used to cope with, albeit often indirectly, using a variety of disruptive and creative tactics. The eighteenth century brought the beginning of the British Cultural Revolution. With the growing strength of the middle class and a development in consumerism, women 's roles began to evolve. The economic turns brought by the new middle class ensured women the possibility to be more directly involved in commerce. Lower-to middle-class women often assisted their husbands in work outside the home. It was still found inappropriate for a lady to be knowledgeable of business so, though some class differences were blurring, the upper class was able to recognize themselves from the rest of society. The rise in consumerism allowed the nobility to place a greater pressure on changing fashion and "display," further distancing them from the middle-class. Within the changes in rules of fashion and acceptable manners within society, some women created a literary niche writing
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