Give Me Liberty Analysis

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The United States of America during the mid-twentieth century.
The mid-twentieth century in the USA was a period of economic boom. It was also a period of numerous reforms to ensure for equality of all races and genders. Among the reforms that Americans fought for is gender equality. In his book, Give me Liberty, Eric Foner describes among many events in American history, the women liberalization in the mid-20th century.
Lynn Peril in her book, "Pink think: Becoming a woman in many uneasy lessons" describes the notions of femininity that spread in the post-war era. She defines the Pink Think as a set of ideas and attitudes about what constitutes proper female behavior and it assumes there is a standard of behavior to which all women must aspire. It shows how little girls were portrayed during the mid-20th century; they were viewed as if made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
These books both show how an era of male dominance suppressed the evolution of the woman. They also show stereotypes barred gender equality and for a long time only favored men.

The 1940’s and 1950’s: Social, cultural, political and economic state of the USA.
During the war, women took up jobs meant for men. Women
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There is need for continued empowerment of women not only in the workforce but in every activity we take part in. A woman is just as good as a man and therefore, men and women should be willing to compete equally on fair scales and under fair circumstances. Masculine dominance in America ought to be used to advocate for gender equality. People, particularly men, have to understand that a stronger woman does not weaken the role of men in a nation, but she strengthens them in turn to form a stronger, more powerful nation. The strength of women is therefore the measure of a nation’s strength. We should therefore aim to strengthen the role of women in our
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