Gender Inequality In The Arab World

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Arab Women and Media
The world has crafted communities whereby human beings are not equal, because some societies have labeled men as rulers and women to be ruled hence leading to gender inequality. Women in the Arab world have experienced gender inequality because this is an act that is prevalent in the Arab world. In our modern world where media plays a key role, it can also be an excellent platform that can be used in the society to change people’s perspective. It can also change or empower women in the Arab world who are inspired by their dreams, visions, and beliefs in what they are capable of doing and therefore the media in the Middle East is reaching a diverse audience. Humanity involves an individual’s rights, justice, and freedom
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Journalism industry has a role to play in discussing Arab women rights while contributing to the mass media through the radio, television, internet, chat rooms and other debates. Over the years since changes were required on how Arab women are treated in the society, responsible journalism has increased community awareness on gender equality and fighting discrimination in all sectors. Arab women have also taken journalism responsibility whereby women assume positions in the mass media organizations (Sakr 70). Women in the mass media contribute positively because of the way they use their skills to address women issues in the Arab world. In the past, it was illegal for Arab women to study media because it was a male-dominated industry and women had no saying on social issues. Women in the media contribute so much to the society because they also seek change and improvement on law governing women issues. In the past, Arab women faced mockery as well as not taken seriously but they had to put more effort for their voices to be…show more content…
In some situations, women who stay in the rural areas are viewed as a low class because they are not empowered nor educated enough. These women have been entitled to the traditional role of women, of being housewives. The empowered Arab women have been on a mission to empower others and fight for their rights that have been neglected or overlooked (Bassiouney 78). The media has also challenged the Arab women to participate in national development so that they can empower even the young girls who would want to contribute to the society. It is argued that women continue to face discrimination when accessing positions in the leadership of the community. With the help of the media, women challenge their male peers and argue that they need to be recognized in leadership matters to be able to represent other
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