Women In The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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Years ago, women were put into their place by men and depicted as weak by society, but with women empowerment, women are being depicted as able to hold a family, have a high paying job, and being remarkable leaders. Author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Díaz, tells the story of the Cabral family and their fight with the fuku, a curse that follows families. The fuku is believed to have gone through the entire family, Beli, Oscar’s mom, Lola, Oscar’s sister, and Oscar himself. Oscar Wao, the protagonist, struggles throughout his life to find love to the point where it eventually kills him, and his family’s cursed story is told by his best friend, Yunior. In The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Díaz uses the strong independent…show more content…
Her mother had always been bashing Lola making her feel worthless and ugly, but in reality, Lola cleaned and took care of Oscar when Beli could not. One day Lola was done with the treatment she was getting from her mother and left, “The next morning I was on the bus bound for the Shore. One bag, two hundred dollars in tips, tío Rudolfo's old knife. I was so scared. I couldn’t stop shaking” (pg. 63). Running away, is a difficult and impactful decision a child can make. Lola was terrified to run away, but she felt like she needed to get out from her mother’s strong and forceful grip and run. Not only is she getting away from her mother, but leaving her depressed brother to rot even more with Beli. She is hurting the two most important people in her life when she leaves them. In general, leaving family behind is a big decision that can possibly damage those relations forever, and it is probable that the relationship will never be the same. Later in the novel Oscar attempts to commit suicide, and Lola receives the opportunity to go to Spain. She leaves her brother, who is very…show more content…
La Inca believes in the fuku, and thinks that their family is cursed. Trujillo and his curse followed the family in the past with some of La Inca’s relatives, and follows them now with her troubled grandson. La Inca takes Beli home from the hospital after her run in with Trujillo’s minions, sad and babyless. La Inca advises Beli that she needs to leave, or she might actually die the next time. “You don’t understand, hija. You have to leave the country. They’ll kill you if you don’t” (pg. 160). La Inca has to do what is best for Beli and spare her life, even though it may hurt to be alone all over again. La Inca has been alone for years after the unexpected and tragic death of her husband, but she took care of Beli when she got her from her last guardians, more like strangers, had been there all her academic careers, and after the run in on Trujillo. The decision she has to make is a very impactful decision because Beli meets the father of her two kids when she sent her away. The decision makes La Inca very strong because La Inca is not thinking of herself, and the loneliness that she is going to experience again, rather she is thinking of her daughter’s safety and life. La Inca is also risking her own life because if Trujillo’s minions come looking again, they could get possibly kill La Inca for making her leave. La Inca gets Beli from people who have no

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